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Continuous Galvanizing Grade - CGG

CGG is oure Zinc pre-alloyed with Aluminum. CGG is ideal for continuous galvanizing applications. CGG specifications are as follows:

Shapes And Sizes

CGG is available in 1 tonne and 2 tonne jumbos. Four different shapes of CGG jumbos are available with us and customer may choose anyone according to their bath size requirement.

Benefits of CGG
  • Bath Aluminum content remains stable
  • Better efficiency of aluminum usage
  • Eliminates the need for using Al toning alloy
  • No Localized elevated aluminum content at or in the bath

Zinc Diecasting Alloy (ZDA)

ZDA is a Zinc Diecasting Alloy, especially developed for hot chamber die-casting process. It is ideal for mass production of strong accurate components.

Physical Dimensions

ZDA will have excellent castability and dimensional stability. It is ideal for applications like sanitary fittings, household appliances and automobile parts.

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