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Latest News: We are India's leading B2B Raw Materials procurement and credit platform, dedicated to revolutionising the SME sector. As a dynamic player in over 7 supply chains, including Steel, Aluminium, Agriculture, Petroleum, Energy, Polymers, Chemicals & more.
HALCO Aluminium Extrusions aims to promote and provide a wide range of aluminum extruded products in North East India.
Uses of HALCO Aluminium
Construction: Used in building facades, window frames, and roofing for its durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to corrosion.
Transportation: Employed in automotive components, such as car bodies and wheels, due to its strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to fuel efficiency. Also used in aircraft and marine vessels for similar reasons.
Packaging: Widely utilized in beverage cans, foil wraps, and containers due to its recyclability, lightness, and ability to preserve the freshness of products.
Electrical: Found in wiring and cables for its excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion, ensuring efficient energy transmission.
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